About Grand Canyon Regional Center

The Grand Canyon EB-5 Regional Center works in conjunction with the State of Arizona, county governments, and the U.S. Government to develop local economies. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officially designated the Grand Canyon Regional Center on October 14, 2010 under Section 203(b)(5) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Grand Canyon Regional Center is dedicated to the integrity of the EB-5 Program and Investors; and the successful completion of our projects as measured through job creation, economic growth and community development. Our focus on projects that create high quality jobs and economic impact ensures our vitality, and through it the success of our EB-5 Investors. We believe that sustaining this international network will meet our mandate to improve life in our community.

Grand Canyon Regional Center Advantages

Global investors who have sought an EB-5 investor visa secured certain advantages by applying through the Grand Canyon Regional Center. Investors who apply for an EB-5 investor visa independently likely must invest a minimum of US$1,000,000; however, through the Grand Canyon Regional Center, the minimum investment is only US$500,000 because the investment is located in an approved target employment area. Moreover, the Grand Canyon Regional Center pools multiple investors together for one project, creating a larger, more financially stable project than one individual investing in a project alone. The Regional Center teams with an overseas placement firm that provides concierge services to each applicant. This structure resulted in two fully subscribed funds during the most difficult economic landscape in recent history. We continue to pursue new projects that enrich our community.

During the lifetime of each investment, Grand Canyon Regional Center remains in communication with every global investor. Transparency and process management are key to the success of the investments. All investors receive access to real time bank accounts and books, periodic reports regarding the status of the investment, job creation data, the local economy, customer satisfaction reports, and other relevant project information. The Grand Canyon Regional Center diligently pursues the success of every project and the protection of the investors through providing Class B oversight in regards to project development, construction and administration.

Currently, all Grand Canyon Regional Center projects are located in the southwest, though future projects are not restricted to this area. Projects range across a number of industry sectors including hotel, manufacturing, education, and medical facilities. Grand Canyon Regional Center welcomes inquiries regarding new projects. For more information click here.

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