Wellsprings of Gilbert Earns Coveted 5-Star Rating

Gilbert, AZ (August 2013) – Grand Canyon Regional Center’s project Wellsprings of Gilbert earned the much sought after 5-Star Rating in the rigorous survey process administered by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The survey evaluated Wellsprings of Gilbert’s performance in three target areas – Health Inspections administered by the state, the Staffing levels maintained by the facility, and Quality Measures as determined by CMS and endorsed by the National Quality Forum. The 5-Star Rating marks superior performance by Wellsprings of Gilbert in all three target areas, as well as overall performance. According to most recent data, only 15.9% of facilities nationwide have received this rating.

“Our next generation healthcare approach is what sets us apart. Reaching far above the normal standards and ensuring the most advanced plan of care is implemented for everyone participating in our recovery process. The team at Wellsprings works seamlessly to not only reach the standards of the 5-Star rating but, also to ensure a speedy recovery so you or your loved one can “live again.” I am truly blessed to work with a team who far exceeded the expectations of our industry. We truly are a 5-Star team.”
Russell Wagner, Executive Director, Wellsprings of Gilbert

“The leadership team at Wellsprings of Gilbert has collaboratively implemented systems to enable positive resident outcomes which drive customer satisfaction. This allows Wellsprings to stand apart in the community and achieve a 5-Star rating. Summit Healthcare Management is proud to be associated with this group of professionals and is excited to serve our geriatric population.”
Cami Baughman, President, Summit Healthcare Management

“It is incredibly exciting to for the team at Wellsprings of Gilbert to receive the 5-Star Rating. Clear Water Development set out to create facilities that would improve quality of life by pairing a focus on individual rehabilitation with the latest advances in healthcare. This shows not only that the Wellsprings model works, but that it is excelling.”
Chris Cunningham, VP of Healthcare Strategic Relationships, Clear Water Development

Grand Canyon Regional Center
Grand Canyon Regional Center is dedicated to the integrity of EB-5 investments and the successful completion of its projects as measured through job creation, economic growth and community development. Our focus on projects that create high quality jobs and economic impact ensures our vitality, and through it the success of our EB-5 Investors. We believe that sustaining this international network will meet our mandate to improve life in our community. GCRC has successfully fundraised over $60 million; which will result in more than 2,000 high quality jobs created. GCRC has partnered with Clear Water Development(CWDevco) to identify, develop and oversee projects that improve life in our communities. GCRC secures funding for the projects it has identified, and works closely with CWDevco to ensure the successful development of the project sites.

Clear Water Development
Clear Water Development(CWDevco) pursues projects that encompass our guiding principals of enriching our communities through intellect and innovation. We believe our current project the Wellsprings Therapy Centers exemplify these principals. CWDevco has completed funding for $105 million worth of projects, and completed construction on $13 million worth of projects.

Wellsprings Therapy Centers
The Wellsprings Therapy Centers are focused on one goal – to help patients live again. Wellsprings pairs cutting edge technology with a safe environment to ensure a healthy and speedy recovery. We focus on multi-disciplinary therapies, including aquatic therapy and the Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill, and focused individual care to ensure each patient’s full recovery. The Wellsprings Therapy Centers are managed by Summit Healthcare Management.

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